Alicia King

Author, Grief Support Expert

Alicia King is the author of Healing: The Essential Guide to Helping Others Overcome Grief and Loss. Ms. King writes from the unique perspective of one who has lost many of those close to her. Her mother's death was suspicious enough to launch a homicide investigation and lengthy legal rollercoaster. This ultimately led to a sentence of more than 15 years for her mother's boyfriend. During the next eight years she would lose her grandmother, stepfather, stepmother, and father, as well as miscarrying in her second trimester while awaiting her mother's boyfriend's trial.

Ms. King currently lives in Tennessee with her husband Dan and their two children. She's a world-class worrier, earning her the nickname The Queen of Concern. She is also an award-winning songwriter, writing mostly for film and TV.

You can  find Ms. King on her blog, The Do's and Dont's of Grief, on Facebook and Twitter @thegrieflady.