Heidi Boucher

Home Funeral Guide
Writer, Producer and Director,
In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye

Heidi Boucher has been involved with independent film, television and theater for over 20 years in California and Oregon. She began her career in Sacramento with PBS designing sets and assisting the art director. Later she moved to Oregon and began art directing and set decorating for a nationally recognized, award-winning production company. She worked as a visual arts coordinator for the city of Eugene, with OPB, community theater, commercial production and a variety of independent filmmakers.

Since returning back to California, she has worked as a production designer on several award-winning feature films, shorts, music videos, commercials, broadcast television and stage productions. She is a guest speaker at the Sacramento California Art Institute and a Capital Film Arts Alliance board member. Currently she is writing, producing and directing the documentary film In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye, an intimate portrait of three families choosing the home death care option.

Creatively balancing her careers in film and television production and as a home death care guide, Heidi Boucher has over 25 years experience guiding families in caring for their own dead. In combining both her professions for the first time, the filmmaker has had the honor of documenting families leading up to and after death, bringing sensitivity and artistry to the film and project as a whole.

Ms. Boucher feels passionately about family rights in caring for their own loved ones after death and creating sacred spaces for families to say goodbye. Bringing beauty, being practical and instilling a sense of reverence are her guiding points in consulting with families on home death care.