Communication Etiquette When Contacting Grieving

Sometimes we may feel we are intruding on a family when they are grieving, but it's with the help of friends and family we are able to get through it. There are many ways you can let the family know you are thinking of them. Use some of the guidelines we have provided to learn communication etiquette about the right things to say and do.

Below are some suggestions on how you may want to contact the grieving family:

Emailing Condolences

According to Peggy Post, director and spokesperson for The Emily Post® Institute, using email is an appropriate form of communication if you are sure the intended recipient checks their email frequently. An email message should be followed by a handwritten sympathy note and, whenever possible, try to attend the visitation or memorial.

You could also check our Heart2Soul Community to see if one has been set up. Here you can leave a message for the family, upload photographs, stay up to date on service information and provide support.

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Healing: The Essential Guide to Helping Others Overcome Grief and Loss
By Alicia King
Alicia King