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If you want to send sympathy food, send home delivery food or prepare a meal for the family, we suggest you check with them first. They could already be overwhelmed with food. Or there could be food allergies and/or dietary needs to consider.

Preparing Sympathy Food

If you are preparing food for a grieving family:

  • Contact the family and ask when you can deliver a meal
  • Use disposable containers or containers you do not expect to get back
  • Ask if there are dietary needs or food allergies to consider and follow them
  • Prepare something that can be served at room temperature, or is easy to warm up or set up
  • Include heating instructions in a sympathy note
  • Consider who you are feeding - for example, a gourmet meal may not be appropriate for small children

Buy or Send Sympathy Food

There are mail order companies that send frozen prepared meals for use at the family's convenience. You could also contact a local restaurant and set up a delivery to send a hot meal. Or order a gift card or certificate so the family can order at their convenience.

Below are some links gourmet food delivery options to send the grieving family.

Remember to check our Heart2Soul Community to see if the family has indicated food preferences or allergies. There, you can also stay up to date on service information or provide support by leaving a message for the family or uploading photographs.

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