Pet condolences when your friend's pet dies

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For some people, pets can be like the children they never had and for others the pet relationship is simple and uncomplicated. Regardless of the type of relationship a person may have with their pet, it's important to understand very real and intense feelings of grief and sadness are natural when a pet dies. It's important to acknowledge the grief associated with pet loss, just as you would acknowledge any other type of grief.

If you know someone who has recently lost a pet, you can help by being a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or by simply listening to and honoring the story of the life they shared with their pet. You can also offer specific help such as offering to go with your friend to pick up the pet's ashes or help bury the pet.

Below are pet condolence tips on what you can do to help your friend grieving the loss of a pet.

Just listen. It's been said a person needs to talk about their grief a hundred times to move through it, yet it's so hard to talk about. You may feel as if you should offer words to make them feel better but understand, nothing you can say will make them feel better, so just listen and be there for your friend.

It's not "just a pet." The feelings of grief associated with pet loss are very real and no less painful because it is not a human loss. Whether you understand the relationship or not, never minimize how much pain your friend is feeling, or suggest they should "get over it" because it was a pet who died and not a person. Visit our support section for more suggestions on what to say (or not to say) to a grieving person.

Help with administrative matters. It may be difficult for your friend to make decisions related to their pet's death. Offer to do the research to find pet funeral and pet memorial products and services.

Offer to plan a pet memorial service. Having a ceremony to honor the pet - whether it be a small intimate ceremony at home or a large elaborate affair - can be therapeutic for the grieving pet owner. Offer to help them plan a pet memorial service.

Other ways to express your sympathy:

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