Grave Marker

Grave Marker. Tombstone. Monument. Grave Stone.

These are terms used to describe the marker for the burial location. Markers are typically made of stone or metal and come in upright or close to the ground versions. They can be very simple or very ornate, and in recent years, technology is even being incorporated.


Traditionally, an inscription is made with the person's name, date of birth, and date of death and could also include an additional statement of honor. When choosing an inscription try to keep from excluding other family members or making emotional statements you may later regret such as "the only person I will ever love" or "my favorite (brother, sister, child, parent)." These engravings are permanent and changing them at a later date would be very costly.

Where to buy

Grave markers can be purchased through the cemetery, monument companies or even a funeral home. Grave markers can cost as little as $100 or well into the thousands of dollars, so do your research before making a purchase.

Check with the cemetery before making a purchase.

If you choose to purchase your marker from someplace other than the cemetery, be sure to check the individual cemetery rules about installation, the types of grave markers they will allow and who can install it.

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