Burial Practices

Burial is having the body placed in the ground, or in a tomb or mausoleum. If you choose burial, you will need to choose from the following:

  • Cemetery ground burial
  • Cemetery mausoleum or entombment
  • Green burial

If you choose burial (in the ground or entombment) you will need to:

Once the final resting place has been decided, many of the other decisions can be made.

Direct burial

The body is buried shortly after death, usually in a simple container. No viewing or visitation is involved, so no embalming is necessary. A memorial service may be held at the graveside or later. Direct burial usually costs less than the traditional, full-service funeral. Costs include the funeral home's basic services fee, as well as transportation and care of the body, the purchase of a casket or burial container and a cemetery plot or crypt. If the family chooses to be at the cemetery for the burial, the funeral home often charges an additional fee for a graveside service.

Federal Trade Commission: Funerals: A Consumer Guide

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