Burial Vault or Grave Liner

Burial vaults or grave liners, also known as burial containers, are commonly used in traditional, full-service funerals. The vault or liner is often placed in the ground before burial, and the casket is lowered into it. The purpose is to prevent damage to the casket if the ground shifts over time.

A grave liner is made of reinforced concrete and will satisfy any cemetery requirement.

A burial vault is more substantial and expensive than a grave liner. It surrounds the casket in concrete or another material and may be sold with a warranty of protective strength.

State laws do not require a vault or liner, and funeral providers may not tell you otherwise. However, keep in mind that many cemeteries require some type of outer burial container to prevent the grave from sinking. Neither grave liners nor burial vaults are designed to prevent the eventual decomposition of human remains. It is illegal for funeral providers to claim that a vault will keep water, dirt or other debris from penetrating into the casket if that's not true.

Before showing you any outer burial containers, a funeral provider is required to give you a list of prices and descriptions. It may be less expensive to buy an outer burial container from a third-party dealer than from a funeral home or cemetery. Compare prices from several sources before you select a model.

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