Burial Clothing

It's a difficult decision to choose clothing for burial. Some funeral homes may offer you an option to purchase burial clothing from them however, this can be an expensive option and it's often not representative of the type of clothing the honoree may have worn while they were living.

Clothing made for the purpose of burial is different than the clothes you would normally purchase at a retail location. They are made of soft flexible fabric so they are easy to manipulate and have closures on the back. The necklines are usually higher and sleeves made longer so when the arm is extended, the cuff covers the wrist.

If you are choosing clothing from a wardrobe, try and select clothing with room for manipulation by the funeral home. Also, remember to bring socks, shoes and undergarments.


Burial clothing was once thought to be conservative, but today people are choosing to rethink burial clothing. A favorite dress or suit, uniform or even a weathered sweater is considered appropriate - if it's meaningful, it's acceptable.

Make-up for women

Most women go to great lengths to find just the right shades of make-up for themselves, so it's always a good idea to bring a woman's personal make-up to the funeral home.

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