Memorial Pictures and Funeral Photos

Showing photographs of the honoree is a simple way to personalize any memorial service. You can ask guests to bring copies of their favorite photos to a memorial service as a gift for the family. They can be displayed on a memory board and, after the service is over, can be put in an album as a nice keepsake.

Picking a few of your favorite photos and having them enlarged and displayed is another nice way to share your memories of the honoree. Be sure to have enough easels (or shelves) available to show them off.

Ask friends and family to upload their favorite photos to your honoree's Heart2Soul Community and download them to your own personal collection later on.

An ideal way to involve the tech-savvy younger generation is to ask them to create a simple PowerPoint presentation on a loop, with photos of the honoree set to three of their favorite songs. This can play at the reception or even be incorporated as part of the funeral service.

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Celebrating a Life: Planning Memorial Services and Other Creative Remembrances
By Faith Moore
Faith Moore