Choosing a Funeral Poem

The right quotation, poem, or passage can add tremendous meaning to the memorial service and the memories evoked there. Few people are professional writers and fewer still are poets. Finding the right words at a time of loss can be very difficult.

The most sincere and true words will come directly from those closest to the honoree and are remembered by friends and family. If someone had a frequent pet phrase or is known for an inspirational saying, those quotations will ring the truest and should be featured. Capturing the stories ahead of time, even as the family gathers, is key.

If you don't have any personal quotations or original writing, look to literature for a quotation, poem or passage that captures the essence of the honoree's character and touches on at least one of these themes:

  • A reflection of what the honoree would say to those attending the service
  • A description of a particular characteristic of the honoree
  • A reflection of what those in attendance would say to the honoree

If there is a special meaning or personal story attached to a passage or poem, be sure to mention it during the service - especially if it was selected by the honoree.

You can also post favorite passages and poetry in your honoree's Heart2Soul Community.

Adapted with permission from Celebrating a Life by Faith Moore, published in 2009 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang

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Celebrating a Life: Planning Memorial Services and Other Creative Remembrances
By Faith Moore
Faith Moore