Neo-Pagan/Wiccan Funeral

There are many different denominations and Neo-Pagan movements. In general, most Neo-Pagans share a worldview of lore, magic, and nature.

Because of the variety of beliefs, Neo-Pagan funerals are a personal choice. You are free to express your condolences in traditional ways or in creative and unique ways.

If there is a funeral service, a priestess may officiate. The priestess is a member of the honoree's group, known as a circle, or if the group is Wiccan, a coven. The service might be held in a garden, on the beach, in a park, in a funeral home, or even a church. If the service is being held at a funeral home or chapel, speak to the funeral director beforehand for information about what you can expect. Or you can contact the priestess for information about the upcoming service and what is expected of you.

Location for the service will really determine what you should wear. Dress comfortably. And don't worry about the color of your clothes. Many Neo-Pagans believe in reincarnation so traditional expressions of mourning aren't necessary.

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