Baha'i Funeral

The Baha'i faith believes that with death, a person's soul is released from its physical bonds and enters the spiritual world. The customs regarding funeral and burial focus on comforting the living and ensuring blessings on the departed soul in the next life.

In Baha'i Law, the honoree must be buried no more than one hour's travel time from the place of death. Baha'i practices do not allow embalming, unless required by law, or cremation.

Because the burial must happen quickly, memorial services are normally held within two or three days after the death. Guests may dress according to personal preferences or local custom. Funeral services tend to be very simple and dignified, with just one ceremonial requirement - the recitation of the Prayer for the Dead. Other prayers may be chosen as well, but that is up to the discretion of the family.

The Baha'i faith does not have any specifications for expressing condolences. Cards expressing sympathy or offerings of food are acceptable and appreciated.

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