Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement counseling is important so you have the support of others while you are grieving. Even if you feel uncomfortable talking about your emotions, connecting with others and expressing how you feel will help you heal.

If someone you care about is grieving, you can help them by asking about their feelings and listening when they want to talk. For more ideas on how to help, go to Support.

There are many excellent books on grieving and bereavement. For suggestions, visit Books on Grief.

Grief counselors

Bereavement or grief counseling can be very helpful for some. To find a local grief counselor, look in your phone directory or ask friends, family, minister or rabbi for recommendations.

To find a psychologist or therapist, you can search the following databases.

Web resources about grief

Here are some websites that can help you better understand and cope with grief:

Local support groups

There are many community support groups focused on spousal, parent and child deaths. If you're looking for a support group, call your local hospice foundation. They will be able to refer you.

Online support groups

There are many online support groups that can help you connect with people who are experiencing the same feelings of loss:

Heart2Soul on Facebook
Heart2Soul on Twitter