How It Works

How to Create a Heart2Soul Community

Heart2Soul Community is free and easy to create. We take you through a simple registration process to help friends and family find your Heart2Soul Community. Enter as much or as little information as you would like but keep in mind, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for your friends to find your Community.

Through it, you can post information and receive emotional support from family and friends by:

  • Sending updates to everyone at once (fewer phone calls and emails)
  • Sharing photos and videos
  • Receiving support from friends and family
  • Creating a lasting memory of the person who died

You may want to control who can enter your Community. You can make your Community private and by invitation only, so you control who can participate. Forgot to invite someone? The Search feature allows others to see that you’ve created a Community. They can ask the owner of the Community to enter.

How to Search for a Heart2Soul Community

Enter the name of the Heart2Soul Community you want to visit. If you don’t know the name of the Community, enter the name of the honoree, family members, ZIP code and/or date of birth.

Heart2Soul Communities are only open to registered users age 18 or older.

Because we respect your privacy, we require everyone creating or entering a Heart2Soul Community to provide a name and valid email address. The information you provide will not be shared with third parties.

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